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RMI 2101 Exam 2 - credit for answers written on the exam...

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY T HE  F OX  S CHOOL   OF  B USINESS RMI 2101 - I NTRODUCTION   TO  R ISK  M ANAGEMENT   AND  I NSURANCE S ECOND  E XAM S PRING  2011 N AME : _____________________________________________________ TU ID. #: _____________________________________________________ E XAM  #: _____________________________________________________ Instructions: 1. Put your name on the exam and the bluebook, and return both the exam and the bluebook at the  end of the exam period. 2. ALL  answers and supporting work should be written in your bluebook.  You must show  ALL  of  our work associated with any problems involving numerical calculations.  You will not receive 
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Unformatted text preview: credit for answers written on the exam itself. 3. If you have a question during the exam, raise your handdo not leave your seat. 4. There is a time limit of 50 minutes. 5. Of course, cheating of any kind is NOT tolerated. If cheating is detected, you will earn a failing grade for the semester. 6. If you leave the room during the exam, you will NOT be allowed to return to complete the exam....
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