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Teaching Assistants - The TAs are not required to nor are...

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T EACHING  A SSISTANTS  (TA S )     There  are  two  teaching  assistants  (TAs)  available  to  assist  you  in   this   course.     They   are  responsible to assist with the administrative functions associated with homework, examinations,  attendance and other duties involved in administering a large section.  The TAs will be coming to  class with me each day. The TAs will also have regular office hours and will be able to assist you with homework, exam  preparation, questions about class materials, administrative questions etc.  They will also attend  all lectures and take attendance.
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Unformatted text preview: The TAs are not required to nor are they expected to provide extensive assistance with homework or exam preparation via email. I encourage you to go to TA office hours for help. The TA office hours will be posted in the ‘Staff Information Section’ of the Blackboard. If you send email to one TA, please do not send the same email to the other TAs. It is best to send an email addressed to both TAs. The first TA that sees your email will answer it and copy the other TA....
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