Delivery - SPCH 1301-12-1 Delivery COMS 3302 What is Good...

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SPCH 1301-12-1 Delivery COMS 3302 What is Good Delivery? Good delivery does not call attention to itself. You want the audience to focus on what you say, not how you say it. When delivery is strong, the audience remembers your message’s content, not the style of delivery you put it in. This is an art, not a science. There are guidelines and rules to follow, but you need to be yourself, and let your personality emerge. Methods of Delivery— There are four basic methods and each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. 1. Manuscript : Speech is written out word-for-word. A myth that this is a safe and easy way to deliver a speech. The weaknesses of this delivery are usually far more severe than the advantages. Advantages : (1) control of time, (2) control of word choice, and (3) when style is critical—elegant language. Disadvantages : (1) loss of eye contact and (2) loss of natural speaking style. The two disadvantages typically far outweigh the advantages of this style. This delivery method requires much practice in order to attain a smooth, fluid speaking style while maintaining some degree of audience eye contact 2. Memorized : Speech is memorized word-for-word. Can be effective for very short speeches, but its value is limited. Some tips on constructing: Memorize the structure before the words. As you practice it, try to visualize giving the speech so you can become conversational and avoid the sing-song type rhythm. Don’t stare straight ahead; try to evenly distribute your gaze to all Advantage : Eye contact should be excellent Disadvantages : (1) Can be easily distracted and (2) often lose natural speaking style 3. Impromptu : Off-the-cuff, lack of formal preparation. ..speech is given with little preparation. Can occur routinely in our jobs when the boss asks us for an update on some project we are working on. Advantages :(1) Natural speaking style and (2) excellent eye contact Disadvantages : (1) Weak organization and (2) weak support. Word choice is often poor, usually very general or vague on specifics, and in general, a waste of the audience’s time 4. Extemporaneous : Carefully prepared and practiced but not written out like manuscript. Most associated method for business speeches. This creates a natural, conversational sound. It is flexible and allows speakers the chance to adjust to each audience and its responses. Advantages
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Delivery - SPCH 1301-12-1 Delivery COMS 3302 What is Good...

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