Eng 310 Ch. 6 Lecture Notes

Eng 310 Ch. 6 Lecture Notes - COMS 3302-6-Putnam Completing...

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Unformatted text preview: COMS 3302-6-Putnam Completing Business Messages Chapter 6 Revising Your Message Review your style and readability; dont assume the first draft will be good enough. Cut out (edit) and add clarity if possible. Clutter is always a dilemma look to eliminate unnecessary phrases; pick shorter words in place of longer ones, be wary of redundancies, rewrite the hedging sentences (for speaking situations be on alert for rising intonation); use parallel construction when possible or applicable. (tables 6.1/6.2/6.3keys are unnecessary words and phrase, long words and phrases, and redundancies; hedging sentences, and parallel structure). Redundancies unnecessary repetition of words like free gift, past history, surrounded on all sides, each and every, wet water, etc. We are more forgiving of redundancies when used as sides, each and every, wet water, etc....
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