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Audience Analysis - aptitude concerns etc • What does the...

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Audience Analysis As you plan your writing, you must have in mind a logical intended audience (not me): Who would potentially be interested in reading this? Who would have the highest influence in acting on your recommendations? In other words, whose decision to act would affect the most change? (e.g., the employee, the supervisor, the branch manager, the CEO…the CEO’s decisions affect all below)? What characteristics can you list of your audience(s)? E.g., education level, technical
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Unformatted text preview: aptitude, concerns, etc. • What does the audience already know about your topic? • What is the likely position of the audience (pro—low persuasion, neutral—moderate persuasion, or con—high persuasion)? • What is the audience’s likely attitude toward you? • What information will the audience need in order to act on your recommendations? • What type of evidence will be most persuasive to the audience?...
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