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Unformatted text preview: Global Communications Translate • • • • • Don’t give up. Calm down! Can you figure it out? The early bird gets the worm. Those figures were way out of the ballpark. Make These Indirect • That’s not the point. • (That’s an interesting/another point.) • As the assistant, what do you think, Ms.Wong? • (Have we heard all the opinions? Does anyone else have a suggestion?) • Those figures are not accurate. • (I have some other figures here.) • You’re doing that wrong. • (Have you tried doing it this way?) • I don’t agree. • (I have another idea. May I make a suggestion?) Decode • This proposal deserves further consideration. • (We don’t like it.) • We understand your proposal very well. • (We don’t like it.) • We will try our best. • (Don’t expect much to happen.) • I heard another story about that product. • (I disagree with what you said.) • Can we move on to the next topic? • (We don’t want to discuss this one.) Dear Tseng: Dear Tseng: Hey homeboy! What’s Shakin? Listen, I just w anted to give you the heads up on some issues with the last shipment. I’m trying to nip this in the bud before my manager gets wind of it and pops his lid! The problem is still colors, as usual. It’s like you’re are working in different color spectrum on your side of the planet! We agreed on the phone that the riding jerseys and helmets would be Ocean Blue and Gray. Instead we got Navy Blue and Sea Foam. And the Elgian thermals are nowhere near flesh­colored. We bounced the delivery back to you to fix. If you can turn this around on a dime, no one will skip a beat and this will be just water under the bridge. Dear Tseng: Dear The Pol Ten shipment arrived earlier than expected, and we were pleased with your quick response. To clarify the precise color needed on the riding jerseys, helmets, and thermals, I have enclosed color swatches with Pantone values along with the returned shipment. Specifically, we request the riding jerseys and helmets in PMS 533 and PMS 415 and the Elgian thermals in PMS 155. Thank you for attending to this reorder as quickly as you did the first. ...
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