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6 Chapter 7 – Test Bank Chapter 7—Test Bank Persuasive Messages DIFFICULTY (DIF) TYPE OTHER CODES 5 – Most difficult App – Application question ANS – Answer 3 – Average difficulty Con – Conceptual question REF – Page Reference 1 – Least difficult Def – Definition TOP – Chapter Topic NOT – Note (Feedback/ explanation) *Question used in Web Chapter Review quiz Multiple Choice 1. Facts and figures are most persuasive when you connect them to a. stock market trends. b. your marketing goal and strategic plan. c. people’s desires and needs. d. other verifiable and reliable data. ANS: c REF: p. 172 TYPE: Con DIF: 3 TOP: Persuasive Messages NOT: Facts and figures must be connected to people’s desires and needs before they are effective in persuasion. 2. Persuasion can best be defined as a. using force to obtain your objective. b. determining needs and goals of the sender. c. speaking of only the positive aspects of a product or service. d. using convincing arguments to influence others. ANS: d REF: p. 172 TYPE: Def DIF: 1 TOP: Persuasive Messages NOT: Persuasion is the use of convincing arguments that influence or win over others. Persuasive individuals do not use force, focus on their own needs, or present a one-sided view of the argument. 3. You should use persuasion when a. you anticipate agreement with your position. b. ideas require preparation before they can be presented effectively. c. audience attitudes match the objectives of your plan. d. your message is especially attractive to the audience. ANS: b REF: pp. 172–173 TYPE: Con DIF: 3
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7 Chapter 7 – Test Bank TOP: Persuasive Requests NOT: Persuasion is necessary when ideas require preparation. You also use persuasion when resistance is anticipated. 4. Martina is a sales rep for a business security firm. Because she anticipates her client will resist installing a new alarm system, an effective persuasive technique is a. revealing her purpose immediately to save everyone’s time. b. offering a bribe or kickback to the purchasing officer. c. laying a logical foundation before she makes the request. d. focusing on the negative consequences of not buying a new alarm. ANS: c REF: pp. 172–173 TYPE: App DIF: 5 TOP: Persuasive Requests NOT: To overcome possible resistance, Martina should lay a logical foundation before delivering the request. Bribery has no place in business, the direct approach is inappropriate when resistance is expected, and focusing on negatives can sound threatening to your reader. 5. The writing plan for a persuasive request includes an opening that obtains the reader’s attention, a body that builds interest and reduces resistance, and a closing that a. avoids repeating the request so that the reader does not feel pressured. b.
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37 TestBank Ch07 - 6 Chapter 7 Test Bank Chapter 7Test Bank...

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