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120 Chapter 14 – Test Bank Chapter 14 Test Bank Employment Interviewing and Follow-Up Messages DIFFICULTY (DIF) TYPE OTHER CODES 5 – Most difficult App – Application question ANS – Answer 3 – Average difficulty Con – Conceptual question REF – Page Reference 1 – Least difficult Def – Definition TOP – Chapter Topic NOT – Note (Feedback/ explanation) *Question used in Web Chapter Review quiz Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is most accurate regarding the screening interview? a. Remember that a screening interview is not as important as a face-to-face interview; therefore, you can relax. b. Be prepared for a lengthy screening interview as most last 60 minutes or more. c. Most screening interviews occur on the telephone. d. Only large corporations take the time to conduct screening interviews. ANS: c REF: p. 420 TYPE: Con DIF: 3 TOP: Screening Interviews NOT: The most accurate statement is “Most screening interviews occur on the telephone.” Other common locations for screening interviews include job fairs or college campuses. 2. Which of the following statements about hiring/placement interviews is most accurate? a. Trained interviewers keep the interview focused on a candidate’s positive attributes. b. During an interview, the hiring manager of the department with the job opening will probably ask more general questions than a representative from human resources. c. Candidates try to minimize their faults and emphasize their strengths. d. The most common type of interview is the stress interview. ANS: c REF: p. 421 TYPE: Con DIF: 3 TOP: Hiring/Placement Interviews NOT: During the hiring/placement interview, the candidate attempts to minimize faults and emphasize strengths to avoid being eliminated.
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121 Chapter 14 – Test Bank 3. Wi Fi Internet Connections, Inc., is interviewing several candidates for a leadership position that requires strong communication skills. What form of interview will they most likely use to interview for this position? a. A one-on-one interview conducted by the human resources director. b. A stress interview conducted by the head of the programming division. c. A computer screening interview to test the applicants’ programming skills. d. A group interview in which the company interviews several candidates at the same time. ANS: d REF: p. 421 TYPE: App DIF: 5 TOP: Hiring/Placement Interviews NOT: Wi Fi Internet Connections, Inc., will most likely use a group interview, which is a common form of interview used to measure leadership skills and communication styles. 4. Most employers use the phone to set up interviews with job candidates because a. too few candidates are likely to use e-mail. b.
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44 TestBank Ch14 - 120 Chapter 14 Test Bank Chapter 14Test...

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