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47 TestBank Unit 3 Test - 150 Unit Test 3 Chapters 914 EBC,...

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150 Unit Test 3 – Chapters 9–14 EBC, 7e Unit Test 3, Chapters 9-14 Name Write your answers in this booklet ONLY if your instructor directs. True-False Circle T or F on this sheet OR record your answers on a machine form, if so directed. 1. Business reports are systematic attempts to answer questions and solve problems. 1. T F 2. Informative reports present data without analysis or recommendations. 2. T F 3. The first step in preparing a report is to begin writing immediately so that you can quickly capture your best ideas. 3. T F 4. Report headings should demonstrate parallel construction. 4. T F 5. The proposal section of a proposal should include just enough details to persuade the reader that the plan can work for his or her organization. 5. T F 6. If you are worried about plagiarizing from your source, you can avoid the problem if you retain the grammatical structure of the original but replace words with synonyms. 6. T F 7. The body of a formal report typically includes an introduction; the discussion of findings; and a summary, conclusions, or recommendations. 7. T F 8. Tables are the best type of graphic to present large amounts of data as well as to make comparisons and display trends. 8. T F 9. Because today’s technologies provide many alternate communication channels, face-to-face communication is no longer important in business and professional transactions. 9. T F 10. Most constructive criticism is better delivered in person rather than in e-mail messages or memos. 10. T F 11. Workers are advised to use meetings as golden opportunities to demonstrate their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. 11. T F 12. You can avoid one of the biggest problems with most oral presentations if you focus your speech on a few key ideas. 12. T F
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151 Unit Test 3 – Chapters 9–14 13. A presentation conclusion has one purpose: to summarize your key points. 13. T F 14. You can eliminate all stage fright if you are thoroughly prepared and well rehearsed. 14. T F 15. Because the number of jobs listed on the Web is increasing, personal contact has become much less important in the hiring process. 15. T F 16. Even if an advertisement doesn’t request one, include a persuasive cover letter with your résumé. 16. T F 17. The best way to answer questions in a stress interview is with a rapid-fire approach that demonstrates your ability to “shoot from the hip.” 17. T F 18. To respond effectively to behavioral questions, use the storytelling technique to relate a success story about an educational or work situation or task that is relatively current. 18. T F 19. Even if you have submitted a résumé and cover letter, some organizations will require you to fill out a job application form. 19. T F 20. If you discuss your resignation in person with your supervisor, following up with a formal letter is considered overkill. 20. T F Multiple-Choice Write the appropriate answer in the blank OR record your answers on your machine form. 21. The ultimate goal of a written business report is to
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47 TestBank Unit 3 Test - 150 Unit Test 3 Chapters 914 EBC,...

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