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Chapter 2 Book Problems

Chapter 2 Book Problems - Chapter 2 Book Problems 1 Two...

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Chapter 2 Book Problems 1. Two workers have the job of placing plastic labels on packages before the packages are shipped out. The first worker can place 1,000 labels in 30 minutes. The second worker can place 850 labels in 20 minutes. Which worker is more productive? 2. Last week a painter painted 3 houses in 5 days. This week she painted 2 houses in 4 days. In which week was the painter more productive? 3. One type of break-making machine can make six loaves of bread in five hours. A new model of the machine can make four loaves in two hours. Which model is more productive? 4. A company that makes kitchen chairs wants to compare productivity at two of its facilities. At facility #1, six workers produce 240 chairs. At facility #2, four workers product 210 chairs during the same period. Which facility was more productive? 5. A painter is considering using a new high-tech paint roller. Yesterday he was able to paint three walls in 45 minutes using his old method. Today he painted two walls of the same size in 20 minutes. Is the
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