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Formulas midterm version - lowest total cost X c.g = Σl i...

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Management 368 Formula Sheet Chapter 2 Improvements in Productivity: Productivity = Output / Input; Method 1 = Current Period – Base Period; Growth Rate = (P 2 – P 1 ) / P 1 Method 2 = (Current Period – Base Pd.)/Base Pd. Chapter 3 Total Cost (TC) = Total Revenue (TR); Quantity (Q) = F / (SP – VC); Selling Price (SP) = (F / Q) + VC; F + VC x Q = SP x Q Variable Cost (VC) = SP – (F / Q) Chapter 4 Total Cost of Outsourcing: TC Buy = FC Buy + (VC Buy x Q); Total Cost of Insourcing: TC Make = FC Make + (VC Make x Q) Indifference Pt.: FC Buy + (VC Buy x Q) = FC Make + (VC Make x Q); Quantity: (FC Buy – FC Make )/(VC Make – VC Buy ) Chapter 9 Load-Distance Model: Break-Even Analysis: 1 Calculate rectilinear distance1. For each location, determine the fixed & variable costs 2 Identify Loads 2. Solve for the indifference pts 3 Calculate the Load-Distance Scores 3. Plot the total costs for each location on one graph 4. Identify ranges of output for which each location has the The Center-of-Gravity Approach:
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Unformatted text preview: lowest total cost X c.g. = Σl i X i / Σl i Y c.g. = Σl i Y i / Σl i Chapter 8 Naïve Model: Ft+1 = At; Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD): Σ | actual – forecast | / n Simple Mean: F t+1 = Σ A t /n; Mean Squared Error (MSE): Σ (actual – forecast) 2 / n; General Linear Model: Y = βX + E Measuring Forecast Error: E t = A t – F t Simple Regression Model: Y = a + bx; Tracking Signal (TS): Sum of Forecast Errors / MAD Chapter 6 Standard Deviation: σ = Mean (X-bar) Charts: Center Line (x-double bar): Upper Control Limit (UCL): Lower Control Limit (LCL): Range (R) Charts: Center Line CL = Upper Control Limit (UCL): Lower Control Limit (LCL): P-Charts: Upper Control Limit (UCL): Lower Control Limit (LCL): C-Charts: Upper Control Limit (UCL): Lower Control Limit (LCL): Process Capability: Cetered Process: Management 368 Formula Sheet Any Process:...
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