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Philippians Background - Nathan Ellis Box #621 February 16,...

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Nathan Ellis Box #621 February 16, 2006 BI 202 Philippians Background “The history of Philippi before the fourth century B.C. remains obscure.” claims Harper’s Bible Dictionary , but goes on to tell that Philip II of Macedonia later gave the city the name Philippi in 356 B.C., after himself. He was very interested in the wealth that Mount Pangaeus withheld in its nearby gold and silver mines (Harper), which were used in order to pay his troops as well as establish a gold currency for Macedonia. Another idea of why Philip II established Philippi consists of the location of the city. The city which was located in northwestern Greece was surrounded by mountains on three sides, and only ten miles inland of the sea-port Neapolis, which is the modern port of Kavalla (Easton, Graves, and Harper). Harper’s Bible Dictionary states that Philippi was fairly insignificant until approximately 168 B.C. when the Roman conquest of Macedonia took place. After this conquest took place, Mark Antony overpowered the Roman Republican forces in 42 B.C. and refounded Philippi as a Roman colony, renaming it Colonia Julia Augusta Philippensis, and settling many of his retired soldiers there. Later, the city was largely populated by these veterans of war (Drane, Harper), but also consisted of other cultures besides the Romans. This could possibly be in part due to the newly constructed road
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Philippians Background - Nathan Ellis Box #621 February 16,...

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