Chapter 11 Overview

Chapter 11 Overview - :-Rate Variance: (AH x AR) – (AH x...

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Chapter 11 Overview/ Formulas Direct Materials Variances : - Price Variance: (AQ x AP) – (AQ x SP) - Quantity Variance: (Materials used in production x SR) – (SQ x SP) Direct Labor Variances : - Rate Variance: (AH x AR) – (AH x SR) - Efficiency Variance: (AH x SR) – (SH x SR) Variable Manufacturing Overhead Variances
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Unformatted text preview: :-Rate Variance: (AH x AR) – (AH x SR)-Efficiency Variance: (AH x SR) – (SH x SR) • Throughput Time = Process Time + Inspection Time + Move Time + Queue Time • MCE = Value-Added Time (Process Time) / Throughput (Manufacturing Cycle) Time • Delivery Cycle Time = Wait Time + Throughput Time...
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