MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 1

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fba219300969dd208a3a72b1afbbc17edfda18ae Quiz # 1 (10 Points) Page  1 Date _____________________ CHAPTER 1: THE NATURE OF MANAGEMENT 1. The term “resources” in management does NOT refer to _____.  a. leisure time b. information c. people  d. raw materials Answer: a (p. 6, easy, recall) 2. The term “manager” refers to anyone _____. a. who is not a member of a labor union b. who is a member of an organization c. who is involved in implementing the firm’s strategic plan d. who has designated responsibilities for carrying out managerial activities Answer: d (p. 6, moderate, recall) 3. Three of the most important challenges impacting contemporary managers are _____. a. change, technology, and globalization b. competition, change, and localization c. competition, technology, and regionalism d. change, globalism, and employee morale Answer: a (pp. 6 – 7, moderate, recall) 4. Effective managers_____. a.
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This note was uploaded on 10/17/2011 for the course MNGT 301 taught by Professor Dr.nichols during the Spring '11 term at Nicholls State.

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MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 1 - Quiz#1(10Points Page1 Date...

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