MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 2

MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 2 -...

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c5f2a6f914b243d519098b17dfc799a2a2615ea9 Quiz # 2 (10 Points) Page  1 Date _____________________ CHAPTER 2: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND MANAGERIAL ETHICS Multiple Choice Questions 1. Individuals and groups that are affected by an organization’s actions are called _____. a. consumers b. beneficiaries c. stakeholders d. interested parties Answer: c (p. 32, easy, recall) 2. To shape employees’ ethical behavior, managers should understand that _____. a. people’s judgment of right and wrong differ b. ethical differences are unrelated to people’s upbringing c. people typically employ one approach to ethical decision making d. most people adhere to the reactive approach to ethical decision making Answer: a (p. 38, easy, integration, AACSB: Ethical Reasoning) 3. According to your textbook, an ethical dilemma involves _____. a.
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MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 2 -...

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