MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 3

MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 3 -...

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Unformatted text preview: 0d4a5275864e373025d9b0764f08e57303658cce Quiz # 3 (10 Points) Page 1 Date _____________________ CHAPTER 3: INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND GLOBALIZATION 1. _____ refers to the flow of goods and services, capital, and knowledge across country borders. a. Marketing b. Globalization c. Repatriation d. Entrepreneurialism Answer: b (p. 59, easy, recall) 2. All of the following EXCEPT _____ are dimensions of a countrys distinct institutional environment. a. political-legal b. geographic c. economic development d. physical infrastructure Answer: b (p. 61, moderate, recall) 3. When the laws of a country related to and enforcement of _____ are weak, firms with valuable technologies are reluctant to bring them into the country. a. currency exchange rates b. intellectual property rights c. infrastructure dimensions d. environmental protections Answer: b (p. 63, moderate, integration) 4. _____ is a learned set of assumptions, values, and beliefs that have been accepted by members...
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MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 3 -...

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