MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 9

MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 9 - Quiz#8(10Points CHAPTER 9...

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aa2d61b384f420ee954ace7df951ed7aef880416 Quiz # 8 (10 Points) Page  1 CHAPTER 9: LEADERSHIP 1. Which of the following is NOT true regarding leadership? a. Leadership is a process of influence. b. Leadership can occur anywhere in an organization. c. Leadership is important to organizations and to society at large. d. Leadership is a set of behaviors limited to CEOs and upper management. Answer: d (pp. 243 – 244, moderate, recall) 2. _____ is an interpersonal process that involves attempts to influence other people in obtaining organizational goals. a. Organizational leadership b. Charismatic leadership c. Path-goal leadership d. Situational leadership Answer: a (p. 244, moderate, recall) 3. _____ is based on a manager’s rank in an organization; _____ is based on a person’s individual characteristics. a. Position power; personal power b. Organizational authority; charisma c. Locus of leadership; sphere of influence d. Social intelligence; emotional intelligence Answer: a (p. 248, moderate, integration)
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MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 9 - Quiz#8(10Points CHAPTER 9...

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