MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 10

MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 10 -...

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76a7251453ec6f00ef3c1ee7fb8715d02b3a2a91 Quiz # 9 (10 Points) Page  1 CHAPTER 10: MOTIVATION 1. _____ is the set of forces that energize, direct, and sustain behavior. a. Motivation b. Expectancy c. Empowerment d. Socialization Answer: a (p. 277, easy, recall) 2. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes all of the following categories EXCEPT _____. a. safety b. relatedness c. physiological d. self actualization Answer: b (p. 281, easy, recall) 3. _____ involves increasing the complexity of a job to provide a greater sense of responsibility, accomplishment, and achievement. a. Goal setting b. Job enrichment c. Job enhancement d. Positive reinforcement Answer: b (p. 285, moderate, recall) 4. _____ asserts that individuals are likely to compare the ratios of inputs to outcomes they receive against the ratios of other people, such as colleagues or acquaintances. a. Acquired needs theory b. Equity theory c. Expectancy theory d. Two-factor theory Answer: b (p. 286, difficult, integration)
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MNGT301 Quiz Chapter 10 -...

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