Finc 302 Test 1 Outline (ch 1-5)

Finc 302 Test 1 Outline (ch 1-5) - tax loss carryback,...

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FINC 302 Test #1 Outline Chapter 1 What is the goal of the firm and why? Why are other goals not adequate? Business organizations Types Advantages, weaknesses Agency problem What is it? Solutions Chapter 3 Balance Sheet Income Statement Statement of Shareholder’s Equity Statement of Cash Flows Free cash flows Taxation how to use table to find tax liability calculating taxable income – what’s included, excluded
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Unformatted text preview: tax loss carryback, carryforward Chapter 4 Current ratio Inventory t/o Average collection period (days sales outstanding) Debt ratio Operating return on total assets Operating profit margin Total asset t/o Fixed asset t/o Return on equity P/E ratio Chapter 5 All problems discussed in class Complete set of tables will be provided...
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