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FINC 302 test 2 outline - Understand interest rate risk and...

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FINC 302 test #2 outline Chapter 8 Know how to find expected return, standard deviation and coefficient of variation for a single asset Know how to find expected return and beta for a portfolio; understand and know how to make calculations using CAPM; benchmark betas Chapter 7 Know how to find bond value (annual and semi-annual coupons) Know how to find YTM (annual and semi-annual coupons) Memorize bond pricing rules (par, premium, discount)
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Unformatted text preview: Understand interest rate risk and effect on bond price Chapter 9 Know how to find value of preferred stock Know how to find value of common stock (zero growth and constant growth cases) Chapter 10 Know how to find component costs of capital Cost of capital definition Know how to work a WACC problem (much like the integrated case at the end of Ch. 10) A set of PV and PVA tables will be supplied....
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