Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Time Territory & Management I. What...

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I. What does it mean to have Efficient Territory? : (Pg. 183) - Well-designed sales territories motivate salespeople, improve morale, and increase interest. - Efficient Territory means having territory that: 1. Is cost effective 2. Helps build strong customer relationships 3. Helps to build a more effective sales force 4. Improves sales performance 5. Enables management to provide better performance of marketing functions II. III.Economical way of reaching customers and prospects in our economy: (Pg. 183) - Inflation affects the price of food, lodging, and transportation – and selling costs. Sales managers must design cost-effective territories be eliminating or minimizing overnight travel and by finding alternate methods of reaching customers. - The following alternatives used in the place of face-to-face interaction with customers enable salespeople to work from office or home, thereby curtailing travel, hotel, and dining expenses: 1. Teleconferencing 2. Internet/website 3. E-mail 4. Fax 5. Inside sales reps - IV. What Time and Territory Management involves: - Time and Territory Management help improve productivity and the Strategies Help Determine These Things: 1. Which accounts are called on 2. When accounts are called on 3. How often accounts are called on - Time and Territory Management Involves 1. Improving Sales Productivity 2. Establishing Sales Territories 3. Setting Up Sales Territories 4. Revising Sales Territories
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Time Territory & Management I. What...

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