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Mktg 481 Exam 4 Study Guide

Mktg 481 Exam 4 Study Guide - Bonuses-Draw-CSBI’s –...

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Exam 4 Study Guide Marketing 481 Chapter 12 (17 questions): - Sales Force Compensation - Compensation Plans – know which ones are non-incentive (page 358 – 359, Table 12.1) - Know how people respond to different compensation plans (page 359, listed in orange bullets) - Know the steps in developing compensation plans (figure 12.1, page 360 or ch 12 activities number 4.) - Know the factors the determine basic level of pay for sales force (page 363, under “Determining General Levels of Compensation, 1 st paragraph) - Know the advantages and disadvantages of straight salary (page 369, bottom of the page) - Know the advantages and disadvantages of straight commission (page 372, listed in orange bullets) - Know what a combination compensation plan is (page 373, beginning in blue bolded title) - Light math problem (won’t need a calculator): know how to deduct earnings off of a week draw (in a combination compensation plan) - Look up recent trends in sales compensation (Page 374) - Negotiation periods
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Unformatted text preview: Bonuses-Draw-CSBI’s – Customer Satisfaction Based Incentives Chapter 13 (16 questions):-Know what it means to audit the sales force-Sales Transaction – know the definition, how it’s defined, how it’s booked-Read on Sales Analysis-Know the factors to consider when you measure a sale-Direct and Indirect Selling Costs-Variable and Fixed Costs Chapter 14 (17 questions):-Know what Performance Appraisal is-Know the parts of a sales plan (look at PowerPoint slide with chart)-Performance factors that a sales person can control-Know what constitutes selling skills-Look up the 3 categories of professional development measures-Know what the sources are for when you’re evaluating a sales person’s performance-Know the different types of quotes (4 questions about this on test)-Know the different types of evaluation techniques-MBO (Management By Objectives) – look up the 4 principles-Know what a 360 degree Performance Evaluation consists of...
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