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Nathan Ellis Box #621 February 21, 2006 BI202 My theme statement for the book of Philippians is: A church is praised and encouraged for faithfulness and warned to avoid false teachings. Philippians 3:1-11 ties into this theme statement in all aspects. The first verse of this passage is encouraging the church by telling them to rejoice in the Lord, but in the following verses Paul begins to warn the church against false teachings. Verses 2-6 do two jobs which consist of warning against false teachings, and to encourage the church to put their hope and faith in the Lord. Also, Paul is using his own life as an example to encourage them. The passage not only pertains to the overall theme of the book, but because it does so, it naturally corresponds with the previous and following passages as well. In chapter two, the Philippians are encouraged to be like Christ and if they do so, they will be a blessing to the world. The church is given advice throughout chapter two as well in order to avoid false teachings and philosophy. They are told to avoid doing
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