Mktg 367 Ch 5 - Chapter 5 1. The two approaches that are...

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Chapter 5 1. The two approaches that are the basis for equal employment opportunity in U.S. organizations are non-discriminatory practices and a. diversity training. b. affirmative action. c. reasonable accommodation. d. attribute-neutral practices. 2. Most of the charges filed with the EEOC are based on a. race. b. sex. c. retaliation. d. age. 3. The key to an organization being able to successfully defend itself against a charge of harassment is a. a history of cordial interpersonal relations among employees. b. company-wide diversity training programs focusing on harassment. c. extensive policies against discrimination and harassment. d. quick remedial action against a harasser. 4. Katrina, who is of Polish descent, works with Paul, who has a large repertoire of Polish jokes. Katrina is offended by this and she has asked Paul to stop. Paul tells her to “lighten up” and continues telling his jokes. Which of the following statements is TRUE? a. Katrina has no legal recourse because Polish people are not a protected category. b. Katrina would have legal recourse only if the jokes were about Polish women, because then the situation would be considered a hostile environment. c. Paul has the right to free speech in the workplace. He does not intend the jokes to be of- fensive, but as something that makes the workplace more jovial. He is justified in this be- cause all the other co-workers laugh at the jokes. d. Katrina has a possible case of ethnic harassment against Paul. 5. Julia, a dark-skinned African-American female employee, called her subordinate, Emily, also an African-American, a derogatory name referring to Emily’s very light skin color. The statement was made in context of Emily’s turning down a request from Julia that Emily work overtime. Julia said Emily considered herself “too fine” to work overtime. Emily filed a harassment complaint with HR. The company has a policy of “no disrespectful speech.” Which of the following statements is TRUE? The company should a. discipline Julia on the grounds of disrespectful speech, but not illegal harassment because color is not a protected class. b. take no action against Julia because from a diversity point of view, this type of speech between women of the same race should be regarded as a cultural difference. c. discipline Julia for disrespectful speech, but not illegal harassment because there were no negative employment effects for Emily. d. discipline Julia for both disrespectful speech and illegal harassment. 6. The Catalpa Resort is a New Mexico spa featuring healthy menus and luxurious beauty treatments. Now that the dollar is low compared to the euro, Catalpa is marketing itself heavily in Western Europe, especially France and Germany. The marketing is paying off as European visitors are making up an increasing proportion of Catalpa’s clientele. Catalpa is paying customer-contact staff who speak fluent German or French a ten-percent premium compared to employees who do not speak these languages hold-
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Mktg 367 Ch 5 - Chapter 5 1. The two approaches that are...

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