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Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 Notes Managing Equal Employment...

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Chapter 5 Notes Managing Equal Employment and Diversity Equal Employment and Diversity Management: Workforce Diversity Management: 1. Non-Discriminatory Practices 2. Affirmative Action Race, National Origin, and Citizenship Issues: Potential HR Issues: 1. Racial/ethnic discrimination and harassment 2. English-only requirements and bilingual employees 3. Requirements for immigrants and foreign-born workers Sex/Gender Issues: Pay Equity – to guard against pay inequities, employers should: 1. Include benefits and other items of remuneration to calculate pay 2. Inform all employees how pay practices work 3. Base pay on the value of jobs and performance 4. Benchmark pay against local and national markets so that pay structures are competitive 5. Conduct audits to detect gender-based inequities and ensure that pay is fair internally Women in the Workforce Issues: 1. Nepotism 2. Job assignments and nontraditional jobs 3. Glass ceilings, walls and elevators Breaking the Glass: 1. Establishing mentoring programs 2. Providing career rotation 3. Increasing top management and boardroom diversity 4. Establishing goals for diversity 5. Allowing for alternative work arrangements Individuals with Differing Sexual Orientations: Federal courts and the EEOC have ruled that sex discrimination under Title VII applies to a person’s gender at birth. Sexual orientation or sex-change issues that arise at work include: 1. Reactions of co-workers and managers 2. Fair evaluation and no discrimination 3. Continuing acceptance Sexual Harassment and Workplace Relationships: Consensual Relationships and Romance at Work: Workplace romances are risky because they can cause conflict or result in sexual harassment. Types of Sexual Harassment: Quid Pro Quo – linking employment outcomes to the harassed individual’s granting of sexual favors. Hostile Environment – allowing intimidating or offensive working conditions to unreasonably affect an individual’s performance or psychological well-being.
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Potential Sexual Harassers: 1. Supervisors 2. Customers 3. Vendors
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Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 Notes Managing Equal Employment...

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