Laws - Exam 1 Management 367 List of Laws Equal Employment...

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Exam 1 Management 367 List of Laws Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) – the concept that all individuals should have equal treatment in all employment-related actions. Discrimination Protected Class Disparate Treatment Disparate Impact Blind to Differences Affirmative Action Burden of proof - The employer has the burden of proof in proving that an employment requirement is a job-related “business necessity.” Once a court rules that a prima facie case has been made, the burden of proof shifts to the employer. The court ruled that a prima facie (preliminary) case of employment discrimination exists by showing: The person is a member of a protected group The applied for and was qualified for a job but was rejected The employer continued to seek other applicants after the rejection occurred. Sex/Gender Discrimination: Pay Equity (comparable worth ) – the concept that pay for jobs requiring comparable levels of knowledge, skill, and ability should be paid similarly, even if actual duties differ significantly. Arises from the continuing gap between the earnings of women and men. Courts have consistently ruled against the concept. Sexual harassment – actions that are sexually directed, are unwanted, and subject the worker to adverse employment conditions or create a hostile work environment. Can occur between a boss and a subordinate, among co-workers, and when non-employees have business contacts with employees. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Job Requirements: Essential Job Functions – fundamental job duties of the employment position that an individual with a disability holds or desires. Undue Hardship
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Laws - Exam 1 Management 367 List of Laws Equal Employment...

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