Mngt 367 - Chapter 8 MC correct answers only

Mngt 367 - Chapter 8 MC correct answers only - Chapter 8 1....

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1. When the Wynn Las Vegas was hiring over 1,000 employees for its resort opening, the Wynn HR department selected ap- plicants for formal interviews after the applicants completed an online questionnaire. This is an example of a/an c. pre-screening process. 2. The process of choosing individuals who have needed qualifications to fill jobs in an organization is called b. selection. 3. ____ involves fitting a person to the right job. a. Placement 4. More than anything else, placement of human resources should be seen as a/an c. matching process. 5. Measurable indicators of the selection criteria are called b. predictors. 6. Voltra, Inc., is planning to fill a number of openings for entry-level professionals. The selection process is quite extensive and includes several levels of individual interviews, team interviews, and psychological tests, as well as general ability tests. Much of the interview time is spent on the applicant’s philosophy of life and work. Voltra, Inc., is highly concerned with c. person-organization fit. 7. Jill graduated with her MBA during a severe economic recession in the region. The only acceptable job she could find was in a bank officer training program for a major national bank. Jill was one of the top candidates when she was hired by the bank. She has been with the bank for three months and has become disillusioned with it. Jill feels that the individual bank customers are not valued, that the bank extends home mortgages to borrowers who are poor risks, and that the bank en- gages in misleading advertising. Jill is experiencing a. poor person-organization fit. 8. Mark is unhappy with his new job as a first line supervisor at the call center. He dislikes trying to motivate his subordin- ates to increase their productivity. He is dreading having to give the upcoming performance appraisals to his subordinates. Mark finds the job boring and watches the clock all afternoon, longing for the end of his shift. Mark is experiencing d. poor person-job fit. 9. Mary Ann is the recruiter for a large lighting products company, Northern Lighting, Inc. Not only does Northern Lighting have retail stores, it also supplies lighting for new residential and commercial facilities. Lighting designers for commercial facilities are scarce. Mary Ann and the company managers have decided to hire an individual who has the ability to learn the field. They estimate it will be two years before the new hire will be fully productive. Consequently, they are looking to hire a person who will be with the company for at least four or five years. Mary Ann suggests that they only hire applic- ants who have been with their previous employer at least two years, and who have not “job-hopped” in the last ten years. Mary Ann’s suggestion is an example of a/an
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Mngt 367 - Chapter 8 MC correct answers only - Chapter 8 1....

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