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Mngt 367 Chapter 7 MC correct answers only

Mngt 367 Chapter 7 MC correct answers only - Chapter 7 1...

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Chapter 7 1. The limitations the U.S. government places on available visas for high-skilled foreign workers b. make U.S. firms less competitive world-wide. 2. Recommendations for successful recruiting include all the following processes EXCEPT b. retaining all recruiting functions internally to ensure a good strategic fit. 3. The process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs is called d. recruiting 4. Clement is the recruiting specialist for a catalog distribution company in a mid-sized Iowa town. He has used every type of recruiting technique available to him to fill nineteen job openings. After all his efforts have been exhausted, exactly nineteen applicants with the minimum qualifications have been found. In this case, a. Clement does not have to go through a real selection process. 5. Hector Graphics, Inc., is laying off a number of its skilled designers because of the loss of some major clients. Priam Designs, Inc., is Hector Graphics’ major competitor. Priam Designs’ business has held steady the last few years, but Priam Designs landed a couple of Hector Graphics’ old clients, and Priam Designs expects to gain more clients in the next 12 months. As the HR director of Priam Designs, Inc., you approach the CEO to a. argue that new jobs should be created at Priam Designs for designers so that you can hire the best designers Hector Graphics is laying off. 6. During periods when an organization’s level of business is depressed it should b. reduce hiring, but keep in contact with outside recruiting sources. 7. ____ are the external supply pool from which organizations attract prospective employees. c. Labor markets 8. The ____ includes all individuals available for selection, if all possible recruitment strategies are used. b. labor force population 9. A subset of the labor force population that is available for selection using a particular recruiting approach is called the d. applicant population. 10. As director of recruiting for a large bank, Stacy has decided to restrict her recruiting efforts for loan officers to placing ad- vertisements on the web site of the American Banking Association. This will determine the ____ for the job of loan of- ficer. c. applicant population 11. Recruiting decisions that affect reaching the applicant population include all of the following EXCEPT a. characteristics of the recruiters. 12. The ____ pool consists of all persons who are actually evaluated for selection. b. applicant
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13. Pro-X Components, Inc., operates a factory in a small, depressed Rust Belt town in the Upper Midwest. The workforce is high quality because of the strong local work ethic and the good quality public education system. But, it has been difficult for Pro-X Components to fill all its job openings locally, and it is not easy to persuade people from outside the area to re- locate to this small town. Which of the following situations would most likely IMPROVE Pro-X Components’ geographic labor market quickly? d.
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Mngt 367 Chapter 7 MC correct answers only - Chapter 7 1...

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