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Mngt_367 Chapter 9 MC correct answers only

Mngt_367 Chapter 9 MC correct answers only - Chapter 9 1...

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Chapter 9 1. ____ provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present jobs. d. Training 2. Development is distinguished from training, in that a. development is broader in scope, focusing on individuals gaining new capabilities useful for both present and future jobs. 3. A fitness center is planning to invest in specialized pieces of exercise equipment. This equipment is highly effective, but the customers could be injured if the equipment is used incorrectly. So, the fitness center is sending its exercise instructors to a certified training program to learn how to use these machines correctly. This would be classified as b. job/technical training. 4. Henry is scheduling a program on handling hazardous materials for production employees at the chemical plant to comply with OSHA regulations. This type of program is classified as ____ training. b. required and regular 5. Ben, a new manager, is being sent to a series of seminars to bring his communication, meeting management, and team- building skills to the higher level needed for his new duties. Ben is being trained in ____ skills. b. soft 6. Training is an area targeted by employment laws and regulations. A primary discrimination concern centers on the d. criteria used to select individuals for inclusion in training programs. 7. The planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, coworkers, and the organization is a definition of a. orientation. 8. Amanda has just completed her MBA for which her company paid all tuition and book expenses. Amanda signed a train- ing contract with her employer that runs for four years. A headhunter has contacted Amanda with an offer of a position that would be a significant promotion. Which of the following statements is TRUE? c. Amanda could ask the offering company for a signing bonus that would cover her obligation to her employer for her MBA expenses. 9. A growing number of companies have recognized that training and HR development are c. integral to competitive business success. 10. Lyle has been hired as the first director of training at SISI, Inc. Lyle has been spending his first few weeks meeting with operating managers and learning the business at SISI. Lyle has told the managers he wants to partner with them to help solve their problems. Lyle b. is displaying a strategic training mindset. 11. In order to remain competitive, organizations must continually train current employees because of b. rapid technological innovation. 12. ____ management is the art of creating value by using the organization’s intellectual capital. b. Knowledge
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13. The performance consulting approach to training a. is a process in which a trainer and the organization work together to decide how to improve organizational and individual results. 14.
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Mngt_367 Chapter 9 MC correct answers only - Chapter 9 1...

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