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Mngt_367 Chapter 10 MC correct answers only

Mngt_367 Chapter 10 MC correct answers only - Chapter 10 1...

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Chapter 10 1. The focus on talent management has intensified in the last few years due to all of the following factors EXCEPT d. the obsolescence of baby boomers’ skills. 2. ____ is concerned with the attraction, development and retention of human resources. d. Talent management 3. Which of the following statements is TRUE? b. U.S. employers will lose over 10% of their current workforce by 2010 as baby boomers retire. 4. Talent management includes all of the following HR activities EXCEPT b. job design. 5. You have been hired by a national accounting firm to lead the firm’s talent management program. In order to evaluate the existing talent management program and how well it is linked to organizational strategy, you would seek data on all the following issues EXCEPT b. Does the organization have an effective upward communication system? 6. A common problem with talent management information systems is that d. multiple programs are not integrated with each other. 7. As a tool for development needs analysis, performance appraisals are most useful in evaluating d. job knowledge. 8. A good automated talent management system could be expected to answer the question b. How many of the HR staff have their PHR certifications? 9. If talent management is effective in a firm d. the firm will have the right people with the right talents available at the right time in the right places. 10. In comparison to people who graduated from college twenty years ago, current college graduate entering the job market can expect all of the following EXCEPT b. fewer job opportunities. 11. Ernest has always been a person who has said “People make their own luck.” Throughout his career he has taken charge of his personal career goals. But lately his industry has been rocked by bankruptcies of major competitors and his own employer has had several episodes of layoffs among the hourly ranks. Now, managers are being laid off and Ernest knows he will be in the next group to be cut. Ernest is probably experiencing a. some insecurity. 12. As the HR director of a small speciality engineering consulting firm, you can expect a. your most valuable engineers to be the most likely to have frequent job offers from other companies and likely to quit to join other firms.
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13. The result of flexibility in careers is ____ for employees. a. job insecurity 14. The trend in careers is for c. people to use them to satisfy individual needs. 15. A/an ____ is a sequence of work-related positions a person occupies throughout life. a. career 16. A sequence of jobs in which an individual joins a national news magazine as a staff reporter, then is promoted to techno- logy reporter, then to editor of the business department, then to deputy managing editor, would be an example of b. organization-centered career planning.
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