Mngt 367 Ch 11 MC answers only

Mngt 367 Ch 11 MC answers only - Chapter 11 1 Although Jack...

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Chapter 11 1. Although Jack Welch’s technique of “differentiation” in performance appraisal has been criticized by some as being “mean spirited” and encouraging of “politics,” it has the advantage of c. communicating to employees their exact standing. 2. Performance management links organizational strategy to organizational d. results. 3. Research has shown that performance-driven organizational cultures d. tend to have significantly higher financial results compared with other types of or- ganizational cultures. 4. The ultimate organizational results of a performance management system include all the following EXCEPT c. effective employee development. 5. In comparison to some Asian countries such as China and Japan, U.S. a. managers are brutally honest in communicating negative information to employees in performance appraisals. 6. ____ is the process of determining how well employees do their jobs relative to a standard and communicating that in- formation to the employee. d. Performance appraisal 7. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding performance management in a global setting? d. Performance management systems may not be suitable for use in some cultures. 8. At Safe and Green, Inc., there is little variation in pay among employees within the existing job categories. Raises are es- sentially the same for average and excellent performers. Although performance appraisals are performed regularly, every- one views the process as paper-shuffling. The from the point of view of its performance appraisal system, the culture of Safe and Green, Inc., can best be described as a. entitlement-based. 9. At Evergreen Cosmetics, the top executive team’s bonus is based on the profitability of the firm. Each executive receives the same percentage bonus as the increase in profits over the previous year. This shows c. the pervasiveness of an entitlement culture even into top management ranks. 10. The performance committee of Everyoung Physical Therapy Associates has identified: (1) the progress of the patient ac- cording to medical guidelines, (2) patient satisfaction, (3) meeting treatment deadlines, and (4) therapist presence at work as ____ upon which the committee will base the measure of physical therapist performance. b. performance measures 11. Clementine Import-Export, Inc., has a language-proficiency test for its sales representatives in Latin America. Part of the test requires that sales representatives to be able to ask and answer in Spanish basic questions about prices, quantities, shipping dates and product characteristics. This performance standard can be classified as all of the following EXCEPT a. the standard trait-based.
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12. Not all of an employee’s job duties are equally important. Performance appraisal systems can best take this into account by d. weighting the more important duties more highly than the less important duties. 13.
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Mngt 367 Ch 11 MC answers only - Chapter 11 1 Although Jack...

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