Mngt 367 Ch 12 MC answers only

Mngt 367 Ch 12 MC answers only - Chapter 12 1. McDonalds...

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Chapter 12 1. McDonald’s global rewards program has resulted in lower managerial and employee turnover. In this type of total rewards system why would turnover decline? d. Higher performers receive higher incentives than lower performers, so high per- formers would be less likely to quit. 2. Compensation is one of the organization’s largest expenditures. Compensation philosophies and systems vary from one organization to the next. Why is that? b . Different organizations have different organizational objectives and strategies. 3. All of the following are compensation objectives of the organization EXCEPT c. the lowest total cost of compensation in the industry. 4. The total rewards compensation approach has three main components. Which of the following is NOT one of these com- ponents? d. individual, team and organizational-level incentives 5. In a total rewards compensation approach, it is critical to balance d. balance the interests and costs of employers with the needs and expectations of em- ployees. 6. Which of the following would be an example of an intrinsic reward? d. verbal praise for a job well done 7. Medical insurance, paid by the employer, is classified as ____ compensation. a. indirect 8. Tom has just taken his first full time job with a salary of $38,000. He knows that he should plan his personal recurring ex- penses, such as rent and car payments, around this amount because it is his c. base pay. 9. A compensation philosophy in which each employee who has gained another year of seniority should have an increase in pay is called the ____ philosophy. a. entitlement 10. ____ are payments directly calculated on the amount of time worked. b. Wages 11. At Artistic Floral Creations, the non-managerial employees all receive the same pay increase every year. Usually this in- crease is about 5%, but some years it has been as high as 10% depending on changes in the cost-of-living. Artistic Floral Creations has a/an ____ philosophy of compensation. b. entitlement 12. The two basic compensation philosophies, which should be seen as opposite ends of a continuum, are the ____ and the ____ orientations. c. entitlement; performance
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13. Amber is the manager of a popular clothing store. She regularly works over 40 hour a week. But when new styles are coming in requiring new displays, she may put in as many as 60 hours a week. Amber’s paycheck is the same regardless of the number of hours she has worked. Amber is paid on a/an d. salary basis. 14. Which type of compensation is linked directly to individual, team, or organizational performance? a. variable pay 15. A/an ____ is an indirect reward given to an employee or group of employees for organizational membership. c.
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Mngt 367 Ch 12 MC answers only - Chapter 12 1. McDonalds...

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