Mngt 367 Ch 13 MC answers only

Mngt 367 Ch 13 MC answers only - Chapter 13 1 Susan the...

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Chapter 13 1. Susan, the president of the school board for a rural school district, is interested in implementing a pay-for-performance compensation system in the school. The school board has called you in as an expert in incentive compensation to explore this option. You tell Susan that b. a teacher pay-for-performance system rarely works unless the teachers are involved in the design of the system. 2. What are variable pay plans? b. additional tangible rewards given to employees for performance beyond normal ex- pectations 3. Traditional compensation systems pay employees differently based on their job responsibilities and base employee in- creases mainly on c. increasing length of service. 4. Which of the following is an assumption of variable-pay systems? a. Some jobs contribute more to organizational success than others. 5. As director of compensation for BlueBottle Enterprises, you have implemented a highly successful pay-for-performance system. This system has worked successfully for three years as measured by a number of financial and non-financial measures. Because of this success you are considering quitting BlueBottle and setting up your own consulting firm to pro- mote this system. Which of the following statements is TRUE? d. You need to have a way to evaluate organizational cultures in order to select the or- ganizations in which your pay-for-performance system will be effective. 6. Performance incentives include all the following EXCEPT c. annual increases. 7. In a TV interview, the CEO of Trevelyan, Inc., commented that the pay-for-performance system was working well at her company because, “Now everyone is pulling in the same direction.” What does the CEO mean by this observation? a. The pay-for-performance system is linking employee performance and the organiza- tion’s strategic goals. 8. The CEO of MasterFiber Textiles attended a conference where he spoke with the CEO of Golden Fleece Manufacturing. Golden Fleece has had great success in implementing an individual pay-for-performance system. The CEO of MasterFiber has directed the vice president of HR to implement the Golden Fleece method at MasterFiber. The FIRST concern of the VP of HR should be c. Does the plan fit with the business strategies and culture at MasterFiber? 9. Caroline works on a design team that develops costumes for historically-based and fantasy movies. The team’s designs are executed by professional seamstresses and tailors. Caroline’s c. job would not be suited for pay for performance because the quality of the work product of the team is mostly based on subjective judgment. 10. It is important to make sure that what is being rewarded by the compensation system is strongly tied to organizational ob- jectives, because people tend to c. produce what is measured and rewarded.
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11. Max is studying the new pay-for-performance incentive plan. Max realizes that under the new standards if he continues his normal rate of production, which takes a steady effort over the work day with few “slack” times where he can rest, he
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Mngt 367 Ch 13 MC answers only - Chapter 13 1 Susan the...

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