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Mngt 367 Ch 14 MC answers only - Chapter 14 1 Rapid...

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Chapter 14 1. Rapid increases in the costs of health benefits are having all of the following effects EXCEPT c. causing many employers to establish on-site health clinics in lieu of health insurance. 2. Employee benefits are a type of d. indirect reward. 3. In most developed countries, ____ provide/s most health and retirement benefits for citizens. b. the government 4. Betty is interviewing for a job with two different firms in the same industry and city. The job description and salary are identical. In one company the job will be unionized. The other company is non-union. Betty can expect that b. the unionized firm will have more generous benefits. 5. Of all the benefits paid by employers, on average ____ make up the largest proportion of costs. b. health insurance 6. Common ways that benefits can impact organizational performance include all of the following EXCEPT a. minimizing grievances and complaints. 7. Strategic benefit considerations include all the following EXCEPT d. legally-mandated benefits. 8. Benefits should be viewed as d. a tool for competitive advantage. 9. Ambrose has been recently transferred from the Ohio headquarters of his firm to the European office. He is surprised to learn that instead of the 10 days of vacation per year he receives from his employer, his European colleagues get d. over 30 vacation days a year. 10. In the U.S., Japan, Germany, France and other countries, ____ is/are placing significant financial pressures on govern- ment-provided retirement security plans. b. an aging population 11. Compared to other developed nations, the United States is unusual in that c. health benefits are provided directly by employers. 12. Angus is an ambitious 22-year-old single man who is on the job market for the first time after graduating with his bachel- or’s degree in business. Angus is a top-quality candidate for whom employers are competing. All other factors being equal, the employer who will be most attractive to Angus will have c. a stock purchase plan. 13. The trend in benefits is c. toward providing employees more choices of benefits. 14. The purpose of a flexible benefits plan is to
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d. allow employees to select the benefits they prefer from groups of benefits established by the employer. 15. To prevent employees from making inappropriate benefits choices in a flexible benefits plan it is recommended that a. the employees be required to select a core set of benefits. 16. You are the director of benefits for a large, highly-profitable high-technology company widely respected as an employer- -of choice. You are forming a committee to review the company’s benefits design. The committee ought to focus on all of the following issues EXCEPT a. whether it is cost-effective for the firm to offer any health benefits. 17.
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Mngt 367 Ch 14 MC answers only - Chapter 14 1 Rapid...

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