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Mngt 367 Ch 16 MC answer only - Chapter 16 1 As Director of...

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Chapter 16 1. As Director of HR for a utility which operates three nuclear plants, you have been approached by the CEO regarding im- planting Radio Frequency Identification chips into employees who have access to critical areas of the plants. With terror- ism and sabotage being increasingly worrisome, the CEO thinks that this might significantly improve security in the plants. He asks your opinion. You respond that b. employee privacy and civil liberties issues are a major concern. 2. ____ belong to a person by law, nature, or tradition. d. Rights 3. In the reciprocal relationship, each right of employers and employees comes with a corresponding a. responsibility. 4. Carlos works for a large floral company. He is expected to complete 30 flower arrangements per day according to the spe- cifications of each customer order. Each arrangement must contain the correct number, kinds, colors, and qualities of flowers in the required arrangement style. Customer complaints about arrangements directly affect Carlos’ performance appraisal. Carlos has been angry for several months. “I do my best to meet the order specifications, but the company is cutting corners on the flowers. What we receive is half-wilted, too small, or the wrong mix of varieties.” What is happen- ing here? b. The floral company is not meeting its responsibilities to Carlos. 5. If an employee has the right to a safe working environment, the employer has b. an obligation to provide a safe workplace. 6. An employee’s entitlement to a minimum wage is guaranteed by federal law. Consequently, it is a a. statutory right of the employee. 7. Which of the following would NOT typically be included in an employment contract? c. the parties’ statutory rights 8. Sherlock is a private investigator. He and Megatherium Industries have a formal agreement that he will perform back- ground checks on all applicants for managerial-level positions for one year, for a certain fee and within certain perform- ance guidelines. This agreement gives Sherlock c. contractual rights. 9. Traditionally, formal employment contracts were negotiated mainly for a. executives and senior managers. 10. A financial research firm, is concerned that scientific or technical employees may take company secrets with them when they quit or are terminated. The firm should include a/an ____ clause in its employment contracts. d. intellectual property 11. Provisions stating that if the individual employee leaves the organization, existing customers and clients cannot be soli- cited for business for a specific period of time, are contained in a/an a. non-piracy agreement.
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12. Clark Kent has been hired by an HR consulting firm as an outplacement counselor. Clark will be trained in the company’s copyrighted techniques and programs. As part of his employment contract, Clark must agree that if he quits or is termin- ated he will not work as a trainer for a rival outplacement company in a specified list of states for a period of one year. This is an example of a ____ clause.
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Mngt 367 Ch 16 MC answer only - Chapter 16 1 As Director of...

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