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Chapter 2 Overview of the Financial System Function of Financial Markets Structure of Financial Markets Debt and Equity Markets Primary and Secondary Markets Exchanges and Over-the-Counter Markets Money and Capital Markets I nternationalization of Financial Markets International Bond Market, Eurobonds and Eurocurrencies World Stock Markets The Wall Street Journal: Following the News : Foreign Stock Market Indexes Function of Financial Intermediaries: Indirect Finance Global Box: The Importance of Financial Intermediaries To Securities Markets: An International Comparison Transactions Costs Risk Sharing Asymmetric Information: Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard Types of Financial Intermediaries Depository Institutions Contractual Savings Institutions Investment Intermediaries Regulation of the Financial System Increasing Information Available to Investors Ensuring the Soundness of Financial Intermediaries Improving Control of Monetary Policy Financial Regulation Abroad Overview and Teaching Tips Chapter 2 is an introductory chapter that contains the background information on the structure and operation of financial markets that is needed in later chapters of the book. This chapter allows the instructor to branch out to various choices of later chapters, thus allowing different degrees of coverage of financial markets and institutions.
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6 Mishkin/Eakins • Financial Markets and Institutions, Sixth Edition The most important point to transmit to the student is that financial markets and financial intermediaries
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M02_MISH1438_06_IM_C02 - Chapter 2 Overview of the...

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