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tb12 - Chapter 12 Nonbank Finance T Multiple Choice 1 The...

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Chapter 12 Nonbank Finance T Multiple Choice 1) The federal regulatory agency responsible for regulating the activities of life insurance companies is (a) the FDIC. (b) the Fed. (c) the FHLBS. (d) none of the above; there is no such federal regulatory agency. Answer: D Question Status: Previous Edition 2) Which of the following is true of life insurance companies? 3) Life insurance companies are regulated by state governments because 4) The insurance industry’s share of total financial intermediary assets fell because of
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418 Frederic S. Mishkin • Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, Seventh Edition 5) An example of permanent insurance is __________ insurance, and an example of temporary insurance is _____ insurance. (a) whole life; universal (b) whole life; variable life (c) whole life; term (d) term; whole life (e) term; variable life Answer: C Question Status: New 6) A contract requiring payment of an annual premium in exchange for the payment of a future stream of payments beginning at a specified age and continuing until death is 7) The key factor causing life insurance companies to move into the management of pension funds was 8) Property and casualty insurance companies hold the largest share of their assets in
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