Detailed Outline of Chapter 14

Detailed Outline of Chapter 14 - Detailed Outline of...

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Detailed Outline of Chapter 14 Characteristics of New Testament Letters Comparable to Other Ancient Letters o Typically longer than other ancient letters o The two types of letters: Informal/Private Letters – business contracts, civic records, letters for family members or friends. Formal/Artistic/Literary – designed for public presentation NT Letters don’t really fall in either Authoritative Substitutes for Personal Presence o The letters are from Apostles of Jesus Christ Situational o NT letters are occasional or situational They were written to address specific situations or problems related to the author or usually, the readers. o NT Letters written to: Clarify an issue Address a doctrinal problem Confront the readers about their behavior o NT letters are not exhaustive dictionaries of Christian doctrine, but rather were written around the subject at hand, so we must be careful not to conclude too much about doctrinal issues from a single letter o To better understand the letter, try and reconstruct the situation, which is hard because we only have one side of the story, or “one end of the phone call” Carefully Written and Delivered o Penned by a professional scribe, but only wrote what author told them to o Some scribes had more freedom in what to write than others, but in any case, the author had responsibility for the final contents of the letter o Co-senders (Timothy, Silas, et al) played an important role as well
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Detailed Outline of Chapter 14 - Detailed Outline of...

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