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Mktg 470 Syllabus - MKTG 470 56B Services Marketing...

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Page 1 of 7 MKTG 470 56B Services Marketing Nicholls State University Summer 2011 Instructor Name : Laura Lott Valenti, MBA Office Location : 154 Powell Hall Phone Number : 985.448.4187 Email : [email protected] Class Meetings: 11:50 1:50; MTWHF; POW 113 Office Hours : 10:15 11:45 MTWH Other office hours available by appointment. Blackboard: Check Blackboard regularly for class updates. Catalog Description : MKTG 470. Services Marketing. 3-3-0. A study of the unique problems associated with the marketing of services and of alternative strategies with which to improve service marketing effectiveness. Prerequisites : MKTG 300. ETS Major Field Test - Required For All Business Majors : You will be required to take the ETS Major Field Test in Business in BSAD 490 during your final year of study. This is a standardized test that assesses core business areas of accounting, economics, finance, IS, legal and social issues, management, marketing, international issues and quantitative analysis. As you move through your business courses you are putting the pieces together that form a foundation of business knowledge. This course is one of these pieces. Expect to see the concepts integrated into other courses and on the ETS exam. Required Text and Other Materials : Lovelock, C., Wirtz, J. & Chew Yee Peng, P. (2009). Essentials of Services Marketing (1st. ed.). Singapore: Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 978-981-06-7995-8 Student Outcome Objectives : This interactive marketing course is specifically designed to study the marketing of service and service-related concerns, with special emphasis given to the challenges and opportunities unique to the marketing of services. The primary objective of this course is to enhance your understanding of techniques that can be used to effectively market service enterprises. We will consider characteristics that distinguish service products from (physical) goods, paying particular attention to how those differences influence the marketing function. From there, we will move to strategic issues facing service marketers, and finally we will examine the various marketing tools that used to promote services and service-related businesses. Specifically, by the end of the term the student should be able to: 1) Demonstrate an understanding of the unique problems and opportunities associated with marketing and managing a service enterprise. 2) Articulate the importance of customer relationships in service businesses, and the unique role service employees play in these relationships.
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Page 2 of 7 3) Apply service marketing strategies as they relate to product design, service delivery systems, price, promotion, and management of the service concern. Course Content : The tentative semester outline is provided below. The instructor reserves the right to update the schedule as needed and will notify the students of any changes in a timely manner.
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