Geog Study Guide 1

Geog Study Guide 1 - IntroducingHumanGeography

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Introducing Human Geography The following is a list of terms presented in this section of the text.  You have seen them  presented in the text in boldface, italicized, or heavy green font, and they are listed here  in their order of appearance. The section quiz will assess your comprehension of these terms by requiring you to  answer 10 randomly-selected questions from a database of many questions.  They may  refer to any information about a particular term provided in: (a) the section reading, (b)  the glossary at the back of the text, or (c) this section's audio and video material linked  on the course "Content" page. You may receive more than one question relating to a term and, if there are fewer than  10 terms in this section, you will not receive a question pertaining to every term. Geography- The study of the earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity environmental dynamics -is part of physical geography human geography - the study of people, places, spatial variation in human activities,  and the relationship between people and the environment. social dynamics-economic development, languages, ethnicity. environment-society dynamics- vulnerability of hazards, impacts of fossil fuel  consumption, global warming consequences. nature-  the physical environment nature-culture dualism - says that nature and culture are whole different things. cultural ecology -studies the relationship between people and the natural environment.
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Geog Study Guide 1 - IntroducingHumanGeography

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