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Comp II assignment 1 - Assignment#1 An Evaluation Essay Assignment Description You will write a 1000 word essay evaluating a policy which affects

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Assignment #1: An Evaluation Essay Assignment Description: You will write a 1000 word essay evaluating a policy which affects you. You must evaluate the policy according to valid, relevant criteria you establish. Your thesis needs to be specific and take a position that can be substantiated with evidence. The thesis must be arguable—i.e., you are asserting something with which reasonable people may disagree. Your evaluation should also be creative. You want to go beyond the obvious. Don’t rehash an evaluation that you have already heard over and over in general discourse. Strive to say something new and original about a specific issue that is under-appreciated or provide fresh analysis on a popular issue with new ideas or from a new angle. The policy you choose to evaluate should have discernible effects on you. Your ability to persuade often correlates positively with your investment in the issue. Assignment Goals and Requirements:
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