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Unformatted text preview: Writing Assignment #3 Baker/POSC 1113 The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate connections between members of Congress and interest groups. While there is little evidence linking roll call votes of members and the supported bills of interest groups that make campaign contributions, there is evidence to suggest that congressional members do sponsor bills and get committee action for supported bills of interest groups. First, find an interest group that is active in an area of concern or relevance to you. Give a short “bio” of the interest group, such as what is their main interest, total membership, and how long they have been incorporated. Then, find which Congressional members the interest group has given a contribution. You can find this information at the Federal Election Commission ( www.fec.gov ) and entering this information in the search engine. Identify the Congressional member and discuss the party affiliation, district or state location, and length of service of the member,...
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