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Instructor: Henry Kidd Office: 2023 Carmichael Gym Office Phone: 513-1548 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Credit Hours : One Course Prerequisites, Co-requisites: None Required Text: Grinfelds, V. and Hultstrand, B. (2007). Right Down Your Alley . Thomson, Sixth Edition. $33.45. Course Description: Instruction in ball selection, grip, stance, approach, delivery, bowling etiquette, safety precautions, rules, scoring, terminology, and general theory of spare coverage. A fee of $80.00 is assessed. No refunds for bowling fees will be granted after the census date for the semester. Health Information Statement: Physical activities in this class are considered moderate to vigorous and are considered limited contact. The NC State Department of Physical Education supports the development and improvement of physical health, while doing so safely. If you have a known medical condition that could be adversely affected by participating in the typical activities of this class, please contact your usual physician for recommendations about how to participate safely or whether it is more appropriate to choose a different Physical Education course. If your physician has provided you with recommendations to modify participation in this class, please share those recommendations with the instructor within the first week of class, if possible. If you are not certain whether you have a medical condition that puts you at risk for participation in this class or have a medical condition and cannot access your usual physician in a timely manner for recommendations for safe participation, consider making an appointment at Student Health to discuss your concerns (appointment number is 919.515.7107 or book on-line at healthweb.ncsu.edu). GEP Objectives for Courses in the Category of Physical Education Each course in the physical education category of the General Education Plan will provide instruction and guidance that help students to: 1. acquire the fundamentals of health-related fitness/bowling; and 2. apply knowledge of the fundamentals of bowling toward developing, maintaining, and sustaining an active and healthy lifestyle; and 3. acquire or enhance the basic motor skills and skill-related competencies, concepts, and strategies used in physical activities and sport; and 4. gain a thorough working knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the spirit and rules, history, safety, and etiquette of physical activities and sport. Student Learning Outcomes By the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Explain and perform the fitness requirements associated with water step aerobics including cardio- respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, muscular flexibility and body composition. 2.
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243_PE_Syllabus - PE 243 BOWLING Instructor: Office: Office...

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