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COM100 Interview Process 9-28-9

COM100 Interview Process 9-28-9 - Interview Process Running...

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Interview Process 1 Running head: THE INTERVIEW PROCESS Interview Process Matthew Aron University of Phoenix
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Interview Process 2 Interview Process The interview process is more competitive now than ever before. In a time of economic strife, it is important to make a good impression at every opportunity. Creating a rapport with businesses may be important in the networking process that will take place when looking for a career. Proper etiquette and communication play a major role in deciding if you’ll appear intriguing or infamous. After researching this process, I’ve found that certain behaviors are more favorable than others during an interview. Know- ing these behaviors may increase the chances of landing that new career. Interviews are paramount in creating a workforce that is both profitable and co- hesive. Before conducting interviews, it is important decide exactly what it is a company needs to succeed. Once the needs and desires of the company have been decided, an effective interview process may take place. The value of this interview depends on the process in which it is conducted. For example, in interviewed for a local amusement
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