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comm 1 - that someone has a good sense of style by their...

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Three positive/negative stereotypes I have heard about gay men is that they have a good sense of style, they molest children, and they are recreational drug users. It has been my experience that all three of these claims about homosexual men have been proved and discredited. Shows like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” further stereotypes that gay men have a great sense of style and love fashion. It seems that a large portion of gay men represented in the media are somehow linked to fashion; however, this is merely a fraction of the gay culture that the media gives attention to. This misrepresen- ted idea sets unrealistic standards for gay men to dress well and have innovative fash- ion tips. This label does not change how I interact with this group of people. If I sense
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Unformatted text preview: that someone has a good sense of style by their physical appearance, I will assume they do. Another stereotype about homosexual men is that they molest children and use drugs. I have seen movies, television shows, and read books that insinuate that gay men are not to be trusted with children. Extensive drug use and unsafe sex have also been widely used topics involving gays. I have known gays to be on both sides of the spectrum, which makes sense because prejudice is based on fact. I find it unfair to judge anyone on stereotypes, but the sad fact is we can’t help it. Our brains are de-signed to make decisions based on what we think we know. (call it intuition!) These feel-ings happen almost instantly. To stop them, we must retain how we think of others....
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