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Matthew Aron The conflict began when $100 went missing from the safe at my workplace. Since I was the closing manager, I was held accountable. Before I had an opportunity to research the missing money, I was approached by coworkers who insinuated that I stole the money. This false accusation not only damaged my workplace reputation, but made the conflict destructive. It made me upset to know that I was guilty until proven innocent. These negative feelings were destructive to my relationship with coworkers. Power was involved in resolving the conflict. My status as manager allowed me to delegate tasks and make time to further research the missing money. If I had not held a leadership role, I may not have had the necessary resources to prove that I was innocent. Eventually, I was able to find that the missing money was due to computer error and not theft. My coworkers involved did practice aggressive communication. My coworkers used sug-
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Unformatted text preview: gestive language that hinted I was a guilty. The more my peers judged me, the harder I worked to prove myself clean. Their aggressive approach made me work harder to clear my name in the office. When I found the mistake, my coworkers apologized, then told me that I should have noticed the computer error earlier. Confrontational conflict man-agement was used. It was not effective. This style of conflict management elevated my anxiety and made me upset. Based on what Ive learned, I would have approached this situation with Cooperative conflict management style. I would have chosen this because then we could have worked together to find the missing money instead of accusing someone in hopes of a confession. This whole experience has made me lose respect for my fellow employees and could have been remedied by using cooperative manage-ment style....
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