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Group Open Theism stuff - God is omniscient however by...

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God is omniscient, however by giving his creation free will, he will sometimes allow our decisions to effect the outcome of his choices. Are we arguing he is all powerful and can controls what happens, or that he is all knowing and knows what will happen? Open Theism has two categories o Scriptures in which God does not know the future o Scriptures in which God “repents” or changes His plan Passages o 2 Peter 3:9,12 God has delayed the second coming because he doesn’t want people to perish o Jeremiah 18 Boyd thinks this is possibly the best passage claiming God changes his mind o 1 Samuel 15 God regrets that he made Saul king (v. 11) but… “he is not a man that he should change his mind (said of God in v. 28-29). Does God repent, or resolve, or change his attitude that is fitting in view of new circumstances? Sometimes God is willing to change his mind, and sometimes, maybe he isn’t o Psalm 89 Speaking of the Davidic Covenant in 2 Samuel 7
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