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The show I watched was America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5. The conflict I observed was when one model threw away another model’s coffee. After Fatima had left the room to grab a jacket, fellow model, Whitney, disposed of the freshly made coffee Fatima had brewed. This action started a large physical and verbal conflict between the two girls.The nonverbal cues were consistent with what they were saying. “Did you throw away my coffee?” yells Fatima with the empty coffee pot in her hand. “There was only like this much in there,” retorts Whitney, signaling a minimal amount with a hand ges- ture. Soon the argument progressed, and the communication raised in volume and in-
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Unformatted text preview: tensity as the girls got closer to each other. Through body movements and facial expres-sions, it was easy to see that both models were irritated. The models soon began to get physical and grabbed each other’s arms. The fight ended when other models inter-vened. Factors that contributed to the emotional cues were the presence of the other models and camera operators, the emotional strain from the competition, and the lack of personal space in the house. The drama seems to decrease as the number of models in the house declines....
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