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Matthew Aron Ethics and diversity play a large role when developing company policies regarding the use of phones, internet, and company supplies. Businesses want to be ensured that they are protected physically and financially against the actions of their employees. This protection must be enacted ethically so that employees may feel comfortable and still be able to complete their tasks. Without this protection, employers run the risk of being held accountable for any illegal activities that an employee may do. Also, strict inventory must be kept on supplies to keep employees from taking advantage of what the com- pany has to aid in work at the worksite. An example of a company’s regulations protecting them was when my high school teacher was found using the school’s internet illegally. He was found with 36 counts of
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Unformatted text preview: child pornography on his school computer. Strict policies and regulations stated that teachers were restricted from certain sites; however, this faculty member decided to un-ethically use his school resources for personal enjoyment. The school’s regulations held the teacher accountable for the activity, and not the school. I believe that it’s reasonable for an employer to want to monitor any activities being per-formed on the companies systems, products, or materials. Since the company owns the computer’s and building, anything that may occur is the business of the company. Com-pany email, message boards, and even phones belong to the company, so it makes sense that they would be able to view anything sent through a system belonging to the company....
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