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Advertising 1 Running head: THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING IT TO SELL A PRODUCT. Advertising Matthew Aron University of Phoenix
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Advertising 2 Advertising The role of advertising is to sell a product. That product may be physical, a ser- vice, or even a person. It seems that in today’s society, advertising plays on the needs, wants, and insecurities of the very society it promises to improve. Successful advertise- ments, are effective in the ways of informing the consumer about the product and con- vincing the consumer that they need the product. An example of a poorly advertised product that was made popular by changed advertisement would be the television series: Family Guy. First airing on Fox, Family Guy was later cancelled due to low rat- ings. The show’s only season ran in syndicate on late night Cartoon Network. This new network ran advertisements for a different target audience. This alternate audience gave Family Guy the ratings it needed to be re-signed with Fox network and run several sea- sons. Media literacy is important when selling a product because it allows the seller to be able to effectively influence the buyer. Knowing what the target audience is in need
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Comm Product word - Advertising Running head: THE ROLE OF...

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